State Labor Government set to increase SA Ambulance Cover

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick is disappointed to hear there will be another cost of living increase with an increase announced for interstate ambulance cover.

“The State Labor Government originally announced the removal of interstate cover earlier this year and received a great deal of opposition as interstate travel is a regular routine for South Australians whether it be for sport, business or travel,” said Mr Pederick

“After a review of SA Ambulance Cover on interstate travel, the State Labor Government has announced the implementation of a new two tiered scheme.

“Those wishing to pursue interstate cover will now pay an extra 21%, which equivalates to a $15 increase for singles and a $30 increase for family cover.

“The Weatherill Labor Government are constantly placing South Australian’s under pressure with continual increases to the cost of living, it is concerning that many families may have to refrain from purchasing cover as a result of these pressures.

“This two tiered system will only cause confusion and more red tape; people may take out cover believing they are covered for interstate trips until they need to make a claim and realise they aren’t covered.

“Extensive educational campaigns will need to be implemented, ensuring all South Australians are aware of the new scheme and what the changes mean for them.

“The State Labor Government need to stop taking out of the pockets of South Australian residents and instead start managing their own spending appropriately,” said Mr Pederick.

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