The Bend Motorsport Park

Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (16:25): I rise to make a contribution about The Bend Motorsport Park. Several years ago, there was a search for a new motorsport facility in South Australia. Out of five locations, thankfully The Bend in the electorate of Hammond won the prize, and it is an excellent venue. Some three years ago, The Bend Motorsport Park was given approval, and construction commenced in 2016. In August 2018, The Bend held the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

Before speaking further on the success of the On The Run SuperSprint, I would like to provide the house with an insight into the magnitude and subsequent flow-on effect of the previously quoted $110 million development—the development is now quoted as costing around $160 million—headed by Peregrine Corporation. The motor racing circuit at The Bend is Australia's only circuit that complies with the latest FIA Grade 2 and FIM Category A standards.

At maximum configuration, the track totals 7.77 kilometres and offers eight different circuits. The 7.77 kilometre GT circuit is the second longest permanent track in the world. I have had the privilege of not only having a thrilling drive with Supercars driver Nick Percat but also driving my Holden V8 ute on this state-of-the-art track, which I note was selected as the official testing facility for Brabham Automotive.

It must be highlighted that The Bend is not just a race track; the whole precinct just about caters for all, with amenities varying from hotel accommodation and glamping to trackside camping. The Bend also encompasses various recreational activities, including a drift kart rally circuit, 4WD adventure park and a rally off-road track. Additionally, construction on a quarter-mile dragway is also underway, with expected completion in 2019. The dragway was designed in consultation with the Australian National Drag Racing Association. The track will be able to host various types of racing, including 9,000 horsepower 530 km/h vehicles. In addition to many track and ride days, The Bend has hosted or will be hosting the following:

Revolve 24—an enduring cycling event in 2018, and I note this will again be occurring on 2019;

13 April: Shannons Nationals;

19 April: Australian Superbike Championships (ASBK) and the Asia Road Racing Championships (ARRC). This event marked the first time that ASBK has raced in South Australia since 2009 and is the first time ARRC has ever visited Australia;

15 September: Rotax Pro Tour Karting event;

the 2018 Summer Drift Series; and

the 25th Australian Jamboree, which will be held from 4 to 14 January 2019, when around 11,000 scouts and 4,000 helpers will converge on Tailem Bend.

The 2018 Virgin Australia Supercar Championships took place on 24 to 26 August, and over the three days 41,250 people attended the event. The economic benefits of The Bend which are flowing through to the community of Tailem Bend and surrounding regions do not go unnoticed. A great example of the flow-on benefits from The Bend was highlighted in an article published by The Advertiser ahead of the SuperSprint:

Tailem Bend real estate agent Kerry Simcock gave up her job in regional development three years ago because she saw the boom coming. Today her company, Coorong Reality, employs 15 people and is one of the success stories of the growing region, which according to the National Australia Bank recorded a 13.5 per cent increase in customer spending in a single quarter last year.

The town's new motorsport park is helping to drive the boom, with a Supercars team paying $1,000 a night to rent one of Ms Simcock's properties during this week's V8 event.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the SuperSprint on both Saturday and Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I must give credit to the fantastic work of all those involved who contributed to the success of these three days. Specifically, I would like to give thanks to Dr Sam Shahin and his family for bringing The Bend to life, not only in South Australia but in my electorate of Hammond. I look forward to the future of The Bend Motorsport Park.

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