Veterans Affairs Minister missing in action as Labor erases Anzac Day

The Minister responsible for Veterans Affairs in South Australia, Geoff Brock, has yet to comment on the disrespectful Labor public holiday legislation that removes the name "Anzac Day' and replaces it with just a date - "25 April" 

In addition to "Anzac Day", other traditional public holiday names "Christmas Day" and "Australia Day" have also been erased in Peter Malinauskas' absurd and offensive move.

The Liberal Opposition introduced amendments which would have returned the days to their traditional names, but this was rejected by Labor.

Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, Adrian Pederick, said the decision has upset and offended many members of the veteran community and Geoff Brock has been suspiciously quiet on the matter.

"Labor's move to rename a sacred day like 'Anzac Day' undermines the deep significance this public holiday holds for many South Australians," Mr Pederick said.

"Geoff Brock is the representative for our veterans in the cabinet and his silence on this matter is concerning.

"As the Minister for Veterans Affairs, Geoff Brock has some explaining to do.

"Did he support the plan to erase 'Anzac Day' in the legislation? Did he consult with veterans before this legislation was introduced?

"Has Geoff Brock been listening to the concerns of veterans since this public holiday disaster came to light? And what has he been doing to address them?

"What conversations has Geoff Brock has with Peter Malinauskas about this hurtful decision, if any?

"While Anzac Day falls on April 25, it's called Anzac Day for a reason and reducing it to a mere date diminishes its significance and disrespects the sacrifices of our veterans.

"Geoff Brock must show he is committed to our veteran community and speak up on this issue that's of great importance to them."

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  • Adrian Pederick