Whalers Housing Association

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, has been advocating on behalf of Whalers Housing Association after they received a water bill of some $20,000.

“Whalers is a not-for-profit organisation which provides a home and services for disadvantaged people, including victims of domestic violence, homelessness and much more,” said Mr Pederick.

“Whalers Housing received a water bill which totalled $20,000. This is an enormous amount of water and from the information provided to me, the meter was shut off in August, though SA Water are trying to say $7,500 of water went through the meter during the shut-off period. 

“A leak of this magnitude would create an abundance of water over the road and it would not go unnoticed. 

“Whilst SA Water have agreed to reduce the bill, they are still expecting a not-for-profit organisation to pay $8,400 for a bill which is potentially an error; especially in light of the fact the highest water bill previously received by Whalers was $430. 

“Whalers are fully self-funded and if made to pay this water bill they will go bankrupt. The region will then be without this vital service. I have implored the Minister to review this matter and requested that a special exemption be provided in respect to the outstanding bill amount. 

“If Whalers Housing Association enter receivership as a result of this bill, it will be at the fault of the Weatherill Labor Government
and they will be accountable to the massive loss of services to this region. 

“The Weatherill Labor Government need to understand that exempting Whalers Housing Association from paying this $8,400
account would be far more cost effective than replacing the services they provide,” said Mr Pederick. 

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