World Routes Aviation Conference

Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (12:50): I would like to support the amended motion that was put by the Minister for Primary Industries. I just wish sometimes that people would concentrate a bit more on what happens in here. The member for Mawson indicated that we were churlish and childish in not acknowledging what the previous government had done, when the amendment that we want to insert actually reads:

(b) acknowledges the efforts of Tourism Australia and Adelaide Airport Ltd in joining the previous government in securing the World Routes 2019 Conference; and

(d) acknowledges the government's ongoing work in the attraction of new flight routes to South Australia.

It is interesting that when we try to give a little bit of bipartisanship in this place we still get sledged. But then I guess we just have to concentrate on what is on the agenda.

The World Routes conference, which was attracted to Adelaide, had thousands of attendees. It is a great conference to have in this state. As we have heard, people travelled all over the state when attending this event, and this conference is to be commended for attracting routes and people into South Australia so that we can get our tourism industry going harder and have more people coming to this great place. People do not realise how good an opportunity they have here in South Australia until either they get here themselves or we have people who promote routes coming here and spreading the news when they get back home.

This conference had been announced back in 2016. As has been indicated, it is the first time that it has been held in the Southern Hemisphere. Las Vegas, London, Rome, Barcelona, Vancouver, Beijing and Guangzhou have previously hosted the conference. It is all about providing a forum for airlines and airports to meet and negotiate aircraft routes across the world. It was heavily attended by approximately 180 airlines and 300 airports. We had delegates from individual city airports and administrative suppliers within the industry, and a number of meetings were conducted between aviation partners of Adelaide in the 23,000 square metres of space in the exhibition and meeting halls.

As I indicated, World Routes brought a focus to Adelaide and South Australia as a whole, as delegates to the conference were also given the opportunity to experience some of South Australia's best tourism operators and experiences. These included tours of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions, and the Adelaide Hills. Throughout these regions, we have great wine, craft beer and distilleries. They also included nature and wildlife visits to Kangaroo Island.

We obviously have our two zoos—Monarto zoo, in my electorate, and Adelaide Zoo. I must say, it is great to see the investment going into Monarto zoo. We have close to $5 million of state money and a bit over $10 million of federal money, along with the head of Jayco, Gerry Ryan, putting in something like $40 million for glamping and caravan park accommodation. That will be a real boon to the area, just to complement other visitor experiences, whether it be giving people the opportunity to explore the great breadth of our river but also to attend race meetings at the racetrack of Murray Bridge Racing Club, which is having its Gold Cup on Friday, or to attend the greyhounds or other events that happen continuously at the motorsport park at Tailem Bend.

We note that people also had the opportunity to visit places like Waterfall Gully and Mount Lofty Summit. Obviously, we have had people who have visited the Riverbank Precinct in Adelaide and have gone to the Adelaide Oval to do the Adelaide Oval RoofClimb, and there was a golf day held at the Blackwood Golf Club.

As has been indicated already in this place, people were full of praise for Adelaide, and not just for the event but for Adelaide as a city. I can say as a country person that Adelaide is one of the easier cities to get around. I am never fully in love with city dwelling when I have to be here for work, but it is what it is and it is an easy city to get around. I think the most comparable city I can put it to in this country is Perth. Once you get to cities of a population of six, seven or eight million, it becomes a bit hectic.

It is noted that the owners of World Routes also expressed their gratitude and pleasure that Adelaide had delivered one of the best World Routes in its 25 years. As at the end of September this year, South Australia sees 49 international flights per week from nine airlines—Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Emirates, Jetstar, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Qatar and Singapore Airlines.

Since April 2019, Malindo Air has commenced four flights per week between Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur via Bali and, in April 2019, when season flight schedules were published, 47 international flights per week operated to Adelaide, equating to 12,331 international seats. That was a 2 per cent increase on April 2018, so it is great to see that success. As has been indicated, this government has been working hard to attract new airlines from a range of international markets, including the United States. This is a strategy that takes time to make sure that people can see the opportunity and viability of these routes, and discussions are progressing.

It is noted that World Routes gave Adelaide exposure to key airline partners and demonstrated that Adelaide is capable of hosting large international business events. This city and this state have benefited from exposure to key airline partners, with a significant local spend from the delegates. It has demonstrated that Adelaide is capable of hosting large-scale international business events. The total estimated economic impact of hosting this event in Adelaide was over $20 million injected into the state economy, so it was a great event that injected millions into the economy and opened up this city and this state to the world.

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